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  • Carolin Rechberg

We live in a World

We live in a world

Of fleeting connections

Where everyone


Simply to be

Where everyone is overwhelmed

With existence

Of how we

Made it to be

How does that serve us?

How does this, what we created, nurture us?

How do we strive from here?

Where are all stranded

In an isolated abyss neither here nor near ?

Who truly still feels connected?

Even in the midst of so called family?

Who observes the disconnect

The distance of


Especially through technology

While more and more also

Do awake

To a more conscious landscape

And yet the dissonance disrupts

Between those who do

And those who care not yet to see

(To feel

To hear

To be honest and live from the heart not the mind)

Honoring the unique spirit given

To each individual kind

How long?

How long?

How long until we as godly creatures

Truly choose to be

God particles

Creating a whole

If you just choose to be part

Rather then opposed

To those of us which hold

Mother Nature

The universe

In our embrace

And listen to the greater spirit

Of ourselves

And trust our souls to shape a better landscape

How long?

How long will you listen to your ego?

Your mind?

How long? How long ?

I’m too there will be no other kind?

Your battle is within you.

It is forlorn

It is

It is you

Surrender to the darkness

Break through it

And truly become

The truth

That is you

Reconnect to the essence of all being

Fuse with the path we are all seeking

Whether willing or unwillingly

The raising of our conciousness

Is our destiny

The being of self

As the one with all

Hearing one’s own but all of natures call

Acting truly from the heightened self

In the seat of centerdness

In accordance

In resonance

In harmony

With existence


How long ?

How long will you deny natures calll?

How long will you deny us all?

How long will you pretend for us and nature not to exist ?

How long until you wake up and seize to resist?

How long?

How long?

How long, until you will hear your own spirit song?

How long?

How long?

Don’t let us wait…

We don’t have too long.

Don’t let us wait

Answer our song

Answer earths call

To become one

With all

Answer universes call

To become one

With all

We live in a World-Carolin Rechberg

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