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If you are interested in existing Artwork, Originals or Prints, would like to discuss Commissions for Artwork or Designs, for your private, public, or commercial space, I look forward to hearing from you!


Once we have addressed your interest/s or the direction/s of the project/s, we will further asses the scope of the work and exchange details required. I will be happy to share my biggest love with you, Art! 

And I hope whether you, simply would like to first establish a connection, have your heart set on acquiring an existing artwork, have seen an aesthetic in my work which attracts you to see my work in person, or if it inspires you to commission me to let us take flight in creativity, and see how my artwork, my eye, could facilitate and help realize ideas of how to accent your environment.

With best regards,


Art and Design Inc.


Thanks for reaching out. CR will get back to you!