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  • Carolin Rechberg

Don't weep for what isn't but for what is yours to keep

I can't help but feel sad

For a home a seed

A place I had but lost instead

Nostalgia before even having Yet arrived

While at the same time in the knowledge

That right now a different landscape should reveal and prosper infront

Of my eyes

To be able to excavate space for my soul

If this life here is meant to again be embraced and not withhold

The valleys will open and caress me in their folds

Give me the soil

To grow permanently

But right now travelling

Transient to collect the nutrients for the future I want to shape for me

Needing to detach

To give new room to breathe


Allow to be

Don't weep for what isn't but for what is yours to keep


So many people here to see

So many and yet in this short amount of time

Only a few time to see

With landscapes which always

Forever inspire me

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