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  • Carolin Rechberg


Stop creating your own suffering.

Refrain from stepping back into pools,

wrapping and tearing the heart into ink black opaque waters, like quicksand without strands to hold onto .

Step away from those who will not sway in pushing you away,

Teasing your heart with the love they won't allow you to be part .

Walk out of the waters you allow, to drown your senses in, even while they deepen and awake them.

Walk into the crystal clear pools and springs, waiting to nurture and develop, your gift, in what is meant to exist.

Allow the pain but don't let it play you but you play the game.

Walk tall and yet sway soft in the breeze.

Listen to the call of nature, the earth, the whistling in the breeze, the birds carried in the murmuring of the trees.

Find peace in the surrender, in what is and is not meant to be.

Don't try to keep on creating and feeding a reality, not allowing you to succeed.


Feel as deep as you can, but see the beginnings and don't nurture infinite ends.

Let the pain end, in order to comprehend and understand that they are bigger things at hand.

Walk with the pride, from the gift of living.

Live the opportunities in your individual path which you are given.

No matter where you tread, treasure your step.

Let life awaken you.

Sharpen your presence to be the link in the fabric of existence you are meant to be.

No matter where or what your role might be, open for the stream to caress your bends.

Until your riverbed, becomes a reflection of beauty, as rough and smooth as matter.

In your swinging vibration showing and seeding what matters.

Be the microcosm, which in the macrocosm you want to see.

Be the gift, which was given to you and me, adding your element to the conscience meant to be.

Know your consistency and grow where you can, not where the weathering and layers of sediments will prevent, the full blossoming or even suffocate or misdirect you.

No dream!

Dream on, but cast of all illusions and confusion.

Pierce the conditioned nebula and sail through the clouds to grasp the possibility of your individuality.

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