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  • Carolin Rechberg

It is a dance of allowing the work to create itself...

Emoting, speaking out from within when creating.

The art process is a ritual, a celebration of life, of presence, of nature.

It is a means to arrive in the moment and communicate with the is-ness of being.

The art process and it's resulting materialized natural and composed marks of presence, reflecting and responding to the evolution of gathered experiences.

Art is a meditation on and off being.

The senses become a portal to ground in the present moment.

Raising one’s conscience, through sensual perception and feeling.

The gesture and observations of color, composition, pattern, rhythm, structure, texture and tone, and ensuing realizations nurturing an approach to existence, I harness to transfer into living.

It is a dance of allowing the work to create itself, and to simply become the guiding vehicle.

Unique in themselves, the artworks become their own entities, signifying information, calling for an individual aesthetic encounter with the environment.

Contemplation Stone XXIV, Carolin Rechberg 2021

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