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  • Carolin Rechberg

I am the Tool

my whole body is the tool

the use of space on a surface, in a space

equates to the importance of using oneself in space.

realising fundamentals such as composition, perspective, texture will give one the sensibility to apply that knowledge to areas of life and living

teaching the art of creation teaches the art of presence

an interdisciplinary approach and use of material to express ideas, sentiments or to process experience, is important and symbiotic to the interdisciplinary structure of life

i believe that the individual and community is the artwork constructed out of the process

like an artwork the human being undergoes process of creation and destruction to become a rendered piece or living artwork

i love to explore with material from different sectors of our infrastructure, inventing new forms to realise presence giving me the experiences my senses are after

i like to reapropriate matter for the experience

weather it be from construction, food,

key for me is the experience


i believe through the senses know thyself and therefore others and our surrounding

it creates consciousness

freedom in creating

resulting in peace within oneself

resulting in compassion for others

i love exhibiting in nature or urban environment

exploring outside of the deemed exhibition space

being life and living as the platform, the surface, and my presence, the tool making the marks with material i am exposed to and have access to

i see art as a tool for the pursuit of happiness

a tool to communicate and teaching communication

art brings people together

it is ageless

for everyone

with art you get to know your heart your mind your spirit and emotions

it is initially the roadmap to the ways of knowing

the importance of perspective, light

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