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  • Carolin Rechberg

The dialogue of painting


Left and right

Black and white

Ying and yang

Left hand right hand

Composition communicated through both hands in dialogue with each other

Structures of right and left like the two hands on a piano

As if conducting the visual space like the sounds from a symphony

The orchestration of a journey over time captured on the same surface moving in time through layers in the same moment but not traveling across moments besides in capture of videography or passing of time

Until the equilibrium or peace

Beginning to end of the piece is reached

Expressing with both halts

Of body, mind, heart and soul

During mark

Sound is excerpted

Assure and heighten presence through stimulated awareness of the senses

The canvas on the ground catching the history, the oath of its creation in a parallel language to the painting and performance. Eventually turning into a painting itself through observation accenting, emphasising and cradling its dimensions.

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