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  • Carolin Rechberg

Pedagogy for Living

The moment, feeling with all the senses, fascinates me. I am entrenched in the emotions of the existence of living and create with the same intensity. Out of the moment, conscious of the natural and historical frameworks surrecting the possibility for my existence and gesture. Therefore the process of making art is driven by a curiosity for the immaterial and material substances inherent and surrounding us. Initially (observing) energy in its different manifestations/ The reactions it triggers) in irrational and rational form. There is an urge to get closer, observing the layers of impact which creation has. Studying how humans react to different dimensions of materials, mediums and subject matter. on a seek to learn and understand the psychology of the human and our culture. The axioms of actions creating sustenance and harmony or destruction and imbalance. Through the process of art, digesting and describing a pedagogy for living in the lasting moment.

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