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  • Carolin Rechberg

The sound is of the installation in its making I What the Process of Installation teaches

the sound is of the installation in its making

..once i install it in the space in this case

usual the whole process but due to technical difficulties i have to sometimes render the process

which is key in the creation of my work

the impact of the environment the broadening of the horizon of opportunities and segways resulting in the evolution of materials found to compose the assemblage directed at the core of the process of creation


it is a circle evolving onto itself in continuum

you don't see my work before it all comes together at an event of assemblage

a moment where the results of the process and gatherings are in a moment of stillness before they are torn from the eye of the storm into the cycle of creation again

i work in number of the fibonacci series

or in irrational numbers


trust belongs to the interaction

the physicality of it

the need to surrender to the process

not being able to force certain transitions

falling into place with materiality, resources found over time and processing the potential console;llation

my process teaches me about patience

it necessitates me to redirect and adapt due to time constraints

attracted to the mobility of art my canvases are unstrectched my papers clipped to string,

foldable f=creations

everyone and everything i experience is emphasized in its presence through the documentation of through writing , receipts.

the interplay between intimacy and distance

the longing to see if in unreachable height

in installation always viewed in transition…

only in a state of completion for the moment of the presentation

the roughness of the work ..unfinished for the opening of the continuing..some pages half blank in order to allow the repurposing later…

initially a gathering of textures and undergrounds to be used for texrule design, environment installations, writings, drawing books etc


the office clips are starring to talk with each other


peace and tranquility found in the meditation of the repetitive motion

satisfaction deriving from an increasing fluidity

i am discovering textures, shape, form, line in the gathering of the splatter, the mark, the written word

often its more about purpose and function then the sculptural and installation order toad context aesthetics …repositioned


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