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Transitions II AP

Transitions II AP


Hand printed, Ink, rice paste on Mulberry Paper

152 cm x 365 cm 

Edition Varité, individual prints available on paper and fabric for 500 $ to 3,000 $, dependent on size and material, or by individual commission


    More pieces in the making...I initially started calling this woodblock Transitions, because of the life changing experiences I was going through. • The endurance which poured into carving this four part woodblock, was the process of digesting and feeling myself push against physical boundaries, experiencing the burrowing emotion of mourning, while celebrating the excitement of being, even in the facing of death. • In this case the death of my father. • Now visiting the different pieces of printing the first edition in November, I yesterday realized a potential returning or additional naming being necessary. • the work of art changing in interpretation or being added into as knowledge arrives through experiencing the life and re-perceiving the work• the embodied marks, motions, movements for me resembling grace and strength, a fluidity, the feminine figure, the sensual, clouds, air, landscapes• perspectives and new bird discovered form each direction• A longer elaboration and laying out of reflecting concepts is still necessary. But for now one print 12x 5 ft on linen and some thoughts •

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