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Place of Becoming

Place of Becoming


Mixed Media, Charcoal, Pastel, Tempera on Raw Canvas

139 x 208 cm

September 2015


    A landscape which emerged as I observed the surface of the canvas. Anchoring in the present moment amidst the turmoils of life, to settle into a place of quiet, of natural mysticism. 


    Emerging by itself as the next moment arrives, opens your eyes. To a different story of your life, then you could have imagined. a different landscape to any that you have yet seen, yet mirroring observations of nature. And in this case corresponding with my body of work called 'States of Being' which centers around the visual depiction of rock formations, water, and air, over time amounting into a visual language of moods, emotional states, thought spaces, through the dynamics and perspectives encountered in the work. Similarly this painting omits of where I became to be and invites for you to arrive as you simply discover what you see.

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