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Perfect Presence

Perfect Presence


wood, fabric, acrylic paint

247 cm x 174 cm x 247 cm 



    The installation The Perfect Presence is through intention, concentrated gesture and construction in materiality and scale establishing a dialogue to the essence of James Lee Byars practice. His body of work is informed by a graceful simplicity of gesture and yet theatricality, highlighting and rooting presence conceptually and physically in the engaged or staged environment, elevating movement and being of the body in space.

    Through color, scale and space the piece The Perfect Presence is stimulating presence in the site.

    Communicating action guided by sentiment, founded on conception of the undercurrents of life's, or rather nature's, fundamental axioms and ideology.

    This spiritual message is invoked through his performances and his practice, giving the continuing nautilus curve of existential questions momentum, through consciously orchestrated moments, composed in conscience of the multidimensionality of layers of perception.

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