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"The artwork is a call to awareness 


Installation I Performance I Performance space 2011

Sown room of canvas, burlap, house paint, acrylic, oil, birch trees, wood, paper scroll

180 cm  x 370 cm  x 230 cm


The Artwork is titled Karuna after the bird call in Aldous Huxley's book the island, which focuses on a community having figured out the possibility to weed out competition and superiority complexes, through exertion in the physical realm and attentiveness to sense perception.


This installation through its visceral textures, the energy behind the made marks and in the dimensionally deepened canvas, through sown pockets inlaid with burlap, as well as the room it becomes, through which one moves, heightens the awareness of ones own presence in it. 

And residually outside of it." CR

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