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  • Carolin Rechberg

Reflection-Stream of Thought on Art Making

Stream of Thought Carolin Rechberg 26th May 2023


Contemplating on the space

Having encountered and been in dialogue with the work,

now stepping back

and circling to perceive from different angles

Pausing to see where and which accents and information the piece calls for now


Taking moments to perceive what is occurring in the present layers of marks

What expressions are inherent in the presence of the work itself already and are in communication with the observer and the environment/the space


To see what is calling for further accents or distributions

A going back and fro

In the communion with creation

Until the work dictates it’s own arrival and designating my departure


To learn and experience with the next work and its insights Eminating from the process of its own creation


Until it resides within itself as I have learned through the creation of the work itself

The process of creating

The immediacy of effect of presence revealed


In art making

In any making

Cause and effect

Not removed but embodied

And therefore seeing when and what occurs when not being mindful and

Attentive to action


Having to retreave the magic of spontaneous creation when overly rendered

To allow for further opening and continuums of the work, imagination and inspiration itself


Each work a catalyst for the next while embodying it’s own wisdom

Imprinted by encounter

Impregnated by the seeds of understanding it carries


To manifest itself as a reflection of its own presence in the world

The environment

In you anew


A reflection of me

Of essence

Of experience

As it continuous it’s journey

With you


A space and place holder for presence itself

To simply be



Realize essence of self

And what we, manifest through how we, are, evolve and exude, cause resonance with everything we encounter and engage with


A calling to awaken to the power of presence

Of action

And to use it in my merit

For positive action


Seed the inspiration and acute aware presence in one moment

To nurture it in the repercussions in infinity.


Art the welcome to seeing and feeling clear

When you truly let the process and sense perception near

You feel hear and sense

Yours as another presence

More alert then ever before


Transparent all the mechanisms and patterns , rhythms at core

No space anymore

To ignore

The mistic truths and rules at core

For us as equally to behave to in accord

Mother Nature

The universe won’t be ignored


You might continue in your journey of abuse

But in the end

If you want it or not

You will wake up to the truth


And with art

It is an encounter with truth making

If you choose to reveal rather then conceal

Cast insights rather then illusions

Wisdom rather then spiraling confusions

Follow into the light

Don’t continue to hide

Watching the shadows in the cave


Have the courage to escape to see

True reality


Your true essence

The essence shared with me

And every manifested representation of godly energy

Every living entity


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