Learning About Types of Print Making in New York

March 10, 2020

If you're interested in learning about printmaking, you have two choices - teach yourself or learn from an instructor. You're likely to get far better results and gain access to the best types of equipment and techniques by reaching out to a New York instructor to learn more about printmaking. 


There are several main types of printmaking, including:



Lithography is the process of printmaking utilizing grease, ink, and water to capture an image, and has been in use since the 1700s. Lithography is useful for both industrial processes and fine art, and each print can get replicated numerous times. Artists often number their prints, then take the original out of commission to ensure that no more can get made. If you've been wondering about this type of print making in New York, there are numerous instructors available to get you started. 



Relief printing is the process of creating an artistic block, or surface, and then applying ink to the surfaces. The raised areas of the block collect ink, while the recessed areas do not. It creates a relief image when the block is pressed to paper, allowing the artist to experiment with texture as a dimensional component to their work. If you're interested in learning about relief print making in New York, reach out to a local art teacher for additional information and instruction.



Intaglio is the opposite of relief printing. In this method, the sunken area of the surface holds the ink, which then gets transferred to the paper. The process allows for a great deal of creativity as the artist creates the surface that will get used for their prints. Intaglio relies on the pressure created by the printing press to create the image and is one of the only types of printmaking based on the sunken surfaces instead of the raised areas. Search ‘art teacher near me’ to find an NYC instructor to learn this type of printmaking. 



Monotype printing allows the artist to create a single print from each plate prepared. The printing plate typically gets painted with an oily medium, then applied to the surface to be printed. These prints tend to be more valuable and highly prized, as only prints get created from each image.  Search "art teacher near me" to find an instructor in your area who can teach you more about this type of printing. 


When you're ready to start learning about printmaking, contact some New York art instructors to find out how to get started. You'll gain skills that you can use for a lifetime of creativity. 


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