• Carolin Rechberg

Change the reality we live in

Pain and sorrow, nausea robbing me of all the words needing to be spoken...

I do believe that

With every action of how one lives

We can change how the world exists.

But we need to eradicate the conditioning implemented systematically in cultures brainwashing for such cruelty to exist. Mentalities continuing to seed rather then heal the rift, purposely kept alive and created through history.

Authoritarian systems polluting culture, the way of being people with people, all equal, although not allowed to be, century after century.

Hierarchies of society, fear shaped realities kept in place by fake facts, power and politics, by economy.

As people, as friends, neighbours, sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers.

We can change the spiel.

Every one of us in their own lives, own way, take action, don't just speak, live accordingly, and don't seed new racism in the name of equality.

Don't turn against those souls standing next to you, fighting for the same truth.

That won't help create the life, protect the souls being slaughtered unjustly, but recreate the same patterns with which we, are torn apart, don't want to see and abolish.

All of us, sharing a belief!

We choose the friends we have by the colour of character not by skin, at least in the community I live in.

All colours and creeds need to stand together. Use living, every day the abilities we are given, the conscious we have and are growing to be, to change and educate reality.

Wake up and Damm you! To those who choose to be numb and keep on creating a world where peace, freedom and equal rights are an illusion. Between sisters and brothers live in compassion, it even starts with communication and not living in competition but in recognition.

The reality of the state of world affairs between humans is coming out everywhere, but what will we do with the truth.

Will we change the rules of the game? We have the power to, even if infrastructure leaves us in the believe that we don't. And listen, hear also the positive and not just the negative actions taking place, nurture the possibilities, acknowledge but don't get trapped in the despair.

Crying out about the existent shame is a step. But we need to stand together.

Overthrow and reconstruct the system all together. After all it is just people like you and me, of the same flesh but sickened minds, put in control and taught to infuse fear, hatred and dominion in reality.

Use your voice in every moment, live what you preach, with your presence change, every gesture and interactions counts. Be the role model ! Even more in sight and to honour those martyred for the truth to come out and us to seek the dream of a future where people live in equality.

And don't push people away, who are willing and strong to fight for the same cause, because you think they don't know through being a different colour.

Even though countries carry the shame of different histories, it comes down to injustice and pain, and wanting to change reality.

People like Philando Castille really matter !!!

A person who cared for each child and person he met individually. Yes this "was a real guy. He made a real contribution. Yes, black lives matter. But this man" as a human "mattered.”

You do too. Be a role model and person like him.

Change the reality we live in.

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