My heart longs to be free

July 1, 2016

Heartache after heartache

Washing over me

The recurring ones 

deepening the ones new to me

While my heart longs to be free

Of living with regret or pain in me


It is those lessons which seed the depth to see

But yet every day a struggle to let go of what is and isn't meant to be 

To just breathe 

and live in peace 

Allowing being in ease

In equilibrium with the waves caressing me 

Not there to torment me


Loves formed

Teasing me 

with the time I spend waiting for the

While the gift given tossed away 

Even when seen

why held at bay?


Man and woman scared everyday

Conditioned even more to run 

rather then towards, away


People like bedsheets 

Exchanged in a twisted game 

One more used then the other

Replaced by ones safe and not a threat to bother

the Rythm one is stagnated and shielded in 

The fortress build to protect the soul rather then a vessel to hold.

To form a stream, a lake, an ocean, the sky and the Earth, open to receive

what could make life worthwhile to conceive 


But instead the bedsheets given in life's dowry.

Thrown away

In thought that something better, more 

could come your way

Instead of treasuring and carefully washing, mending the fabric, 

Which could endure and rejoice to carry and give to you everyday 



Not washed again by a tender hand

Able to comprehend the value lying at hand.

If not known or even if known, 

that which is able to love, support and care for you 

Instead Torn apart or stained

Too scared to surrender and to commit 

But rather adding fame 

to societies game of shame. 




Not tenderly washed and cradled 

for Skin on skin to caress again 

To be honoured 

held in an embrace of infinity 

where one always meets;

The love which nurtures you 

through and through 

Instead the memories and gifts

The most intimate held at bay. 

Blocked to return one day, destined to decay.


what is and is not meant to be.

Just the pain in my soul the ridicule 

The pain that you did not want me.

While you are the most precious to me 

I a gift not wanted by the 

Instead tossed in the sea

Exposed to the waves washing over me

Cleansing me

Curing the anger about humanity.


Till in one haven I will land

Softer to the touch through the elements of life and memory 

Radiating like a slumbering Jewel inside a rock 

Waiting for you to be caressing me 

Awakening me 

Giving me the opportunity

To be the fundament I was born to be


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