• Carolin Rechberg

Of taking and giving

If a man tells you...

To wait for him

And you find yourself waiting year in and out

While you run into him with other woman and yet him giving you the blame

Calming you that he still wants you while he's dating again

Maybe it is time to doubt

Or maybe it is time to leave and not feel like the fool he is

If a man contacts you ...

To be his friend

But you find out that he has a wife or female friend

Better to not even endeavour into the pleasure of a good conversation

Since after you receive the blame and damnation for giving fruit to temptation

You are the one shunned trying to find footing again

If a man tells you

To keep in touch

After his touch has caressed and plunged into every craves and cave of your body

Don't feel surprised of the ridicule

If you find out that in truth ever after having you

He wants nothing to do with you

And every gesture, giving, thought, will be too much

And brand you as the unwanted from the wanted

Since you behaved as such

No don't be surprised

That what a man

Tells you

Falls through

Because maybe like I

You have learned that only actions speak the truth

Even if one at first might not want to




What is true

but prefers to roam trapped in hopefull imaginations

You might have too

If you want to

find happiness too

If you find out

That you were the willing victim of a game

Constructed by societies Shame

Scared to be real

Step up

And allow what they feel

running away

Holding at bay

The possible fortune in front of them

Fearful that there might be more then one of them

More then one off you

Of me.

Another flower they might want to smell and watch blossom and wilt

Before they refuse and turn to the next budding reflection of you

Of me

If a man tells you...

Listen carefully

Forget the Scapes of illusions and let your instincts feel

Maybe they will warn you of what is not real

The words of appreciation and respect pulling you in a sickened spiel

If you still want to fall to feel

Be willing to carry the weight pain and lesson of your decision

Cause in the end

Your spirit will guide which equal

Will be worthwhile for a soulful living

Of taking and giving

If a man tells you...

If a woman tells you...

If a man tells you...

If a woman tells you...

Hear what you tell yourself

What you really want

Act like it

And you will manifest it too

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