• Carolin Rechberg

Daring to Share

Lifelong friends

Which never share

Never dare

Too caught up in the resistance

Persistent in the fear

Of (sedated or) closed tormented hearts

Trying to be smart

rather then let love rule the heart

The mind outweighing of what the senses would feel like saying

allowed to control

What to show

What to give

make known


that when magic happens it gets quickly again dissipated

Till the detection of the once shared wavelength becomes unreal

Hard to feel

Tormented hearts

Even those peaceful at heart

Choosing or allowing the direction

Every gesture and breath showing the choice of

Where one places ones affection

Every one their right to be

But yet it is sad to see

How seeds of love are killed in mediocracy

Just trying to be in this world

Where it seems a rarity for a soul to be really free

To speak

Give and seek the actions which tell

If one really means well

Too caught up in the cycle

Numbed rather then able to encipher

The fortune lying at ones feet

Instead stepping over or on

Still on the seek

While one does not even recognise what is worthwhile to keep

Distracted, deflected,

Not able to suspect that

The treasures where resting in front of the seeing or to willing to be seeing senses

Some so caught up in the artful bliss

That they don't even realise anymore that they resist

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