• Carolin Rechberg

You open mine, with the love in your eyes

You open mine, with the love in your eyes

You are right

Oh spoken with so much wisdom and truth

Yes always recurring and yet different, new, at the beginning strange to become even more familiar currents

I am trying to surrender and to allow myself the breathing room.

To allow the silence and peace to settle in my soul and feel whole wherever I go.

I do but sometimes what I want for this world, what I want to be giving and where I am in my giving rattles my soul.

I will work on the treasures my spirit keeps


Until it is ready to eat

So the seed, may plant the tree

My whole spirit wants to be

And nurture for future opportunities

The timing for whatever is yet to come

And patience has been a hard one for me all along, but this I need to continue to learn, but using the space to grow the gifts I want to let known

There is such an urge in me

And yet as if I haven't learned the whole or even the language I need to speak

Then, who knows when, I have to let this moments to reconsider be my friend, to create seems which will bond and mend the path still like a barren page from an unwritten hand, longing for the words which will make me more understand.

I am surprised by the journey

Letting go

but caught by my own emotion and devotion, driving me harder then I might need to go

Still working on surrendering to the meandering

I hold our shared love as a gift. Our sharing like light and water to moments when I feel only you might know and understand how it feels to be torn between imagination and what exists.

Yes such a gift, a treasure, a surprise brightening my life.

I do not know either

Except that I am honoured to have met a soul which ever brings joy and inspires a sway and then swing in my step. Honoured to have you and that is what I embrace and accept.

I am so fortunate. To have two handfuls of souls in my life, rare finds of family and friends

Who manage to open, when I shortly shy and close mine, with the love in their eyes.

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