Gift of living

May 28, 2016

 Today I am coming back to Bavaria for the first time after eight years

Not as a visitor 

But will return to America as a visitor


The earth of Europe for a time will be the one from which I will nourish


The continents of the seven seas 

Will reveal the adventures life holds for me

Like a raindrop I ll circulate 

Memorise the wisdom of the earth

To seed and breed 

Nurture the reality 

I with you 

Want for our generations to be


The path will tread itself with me

Each bend and stretch

Holding the treasures of opportunity 



Breathing on and out of me


Giving love the trace it weaves between you and me

Carried by natures truth and reality.


I am ready to be

To believe 

To give peace 

To caress through the senses with presence

This gift 


The gift of 


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