• Carolin Rechberg

Just Breathe

There is many moments where you wish you could just turn back the time

These moments which you will always long to have experienced or behaved a different kind

The moments like these which ring endlessly in your soul

Moments precious, stories you would have liked to be able to be told

You can just breathe and with time the wounds will heal and the longing seize

They will become part of people's sleep

And you will live more then know, that it was not meant to be

But you know that it was you who might have nor allowed for it to meant to be

Shied away from the opportunity you were wanting to seek

Your own self getting in between,

the moment you would have liked to experience and see

Seeing that the path of solitude is the one oneself is seeding

The heart keeps beating

The only solution

One keeps breathing

And opening to the full depth of feeling

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