• Carolin Rechberg

Artist statement

I create a fusion of senses and thought to arrest moments, to reflect upon the complexity of existence. In using the artistic process and interdisciplinary sensibility, I incorporate both space, time and objects to express the material and numinous world, as experienced through consciousness.

I am attracted to gathering marks, spills and stains, traces left by the process in the environment or intentionally left by my presence. I enhance what I see in gathered materials, in the sediments and texture, the pattern and rhythm, the experiences and traces left through exposure to the elements and prior creative process. The resulting installations are images I evolve through instinct. It is a reflection.

Weather creating with acrylics, aquarelle, tempera, oil or mixed media, I dance with gesture until equilibrium is found in contrast, light and mood, pushing and pulling composition, color and depth. The process of creating, growing an understanding of material, its feeling and impact is a core component of my curiosity guiding my artistic practice.

The Artwork composes itself in reaction to cultural context and the environment. The process is playful teaching me the lessons to be incorporated further in my approach to my practice which is symbiotic to life. Weather an installation, a vocal performance, or a collaboration of mixed mediums I indulge in giving attention to details and nuances of the natural and man made geography supporting the existence of the artwork. The work resonates with the surrounding space and in itself through accents connecting to the ground and space. Multiple senses are engaged heightening the communication of existence within the piece, stimulating the interrelation with the environment and the viewer.

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