Experience Art and it's processes


Hello !! Well what can I say!

Nothing, brings me more pleasure than to experience the alchemy, the miracles of the process of art!

The insights I gather within it, the parallels which revel themselves to and originating from life.

We see it reflected in the artworks and byproducts of civilizations and the arcs of our cultural histories. It is the foundation to our existence. The mark is a reflection of an identities's experience and all it embodies and encompasses.


There remains much to be said, or simply sensed, and understood through the transferable interdisciplinary tacit knowledge embedded in art and its processes. But for now; Isn't it precious when something, an artwork, strikes you and makes you more alert and aware of your presence? The emotions, thoughts, and words, the desires, inspirations or realizations which surface. Or maybe it simply provides a momentary resting place to be! 

Whether you would like to connect to collaborate, to commission me to create or to purchase artwork, or if you would like to explore and be taught in any of the mediums I can facilitate to create yourself,  I look forward to hearing from you.