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  • Carolin Rechberg

Reflection of Another

My skin is stretching erect

A hysterical joyous yet twisted laughter forming in my toes to a gurgling ua ha ha .. But no sound escapes



Expectancy for transitions to occur

Noticeable to unnoticeable

Effect evident in evolvement of the experience


Oh my I think of you

I love you still

And I will

Your in every breath I take

In every motion I make

Since you stepped into my life

Everything seems to in appreciation occur twice

Wherever the rounded dices role

The thought of you roams and rolls into the devotion of my soul

You are the purest nectar of life's existence

You are the reason for existence

It is when a soul finds the reflection of another

Knowing that, yes one will always love each other

It is when you learn that even if the journeys don't fully parallel adjourn

They grow inevitably together

Since now, one knows

And learns


... R u in la ?


Yet there is a fear of


A breathless ness...

The mind in thought without thinking

The unconscious

I m receiving a vision

Let your eyes close and surrender to the ..

Feel like with a windshield route where the energy goes hops


I know it is to do with you

I feel it

Great decisions are in motion


Should I write you

Shouldn't I ?



R u well?!!!!!

I hope so ( an echoing call into the universe)

I love you

Can you feel that

Can you feel that it is reall

Can you feel that it is true

Can you feel that I adore you and everything about you

Can you hear our souls

Can you let them be ?

Be free

To breathe in the natural harmony of beauteous serendipity

Where every strain,

When water stretches over a pebbles or boulders surface , creates a shape fulfilling the caress of yet undiscovered craveses.

Oh I miss you

I am so keen for sharing my love with you

But I treasure it

Cradle it

Hold it

While emitting the array of beauty from its continuous growth and decay.


Oh I love you

Every day

Every second

Not in thoughts but in knowledge of the cell


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