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  • Carolin Rechberg

Create to Exist

Create to Exist


I create to exist.

To give and to sustain life.

Allowing my senses to feel.

Letting life close to grow.

Being itself and the act of creation, carrying the promise of evolution and decay through energetic exchange of existence.

I recognize and seek comfort in the tangibility of the creative process.

It gives purpose and reassurance through the aesthetic trail of knowledge connecting me to remnants of our past, threaded into our present and future.

The currents created from the consciousness of nature and networks of our ancestors woven to inform and nourish parallelities of existence and artistic expression.

I accent marks, spills and stains, traces, patterns left by culture, the geography and by my presence over time in space.

Choosing to create or extract a vision I see in sediments and textures of gathered layers of mixed media to express the material and in-material world.

I absorb, resonate and ground through embracing interdisciplinary sensibilities, to encourage the communication of the community with heightened senses in the environment.

I dance with gesture until equilibrium is found in composition, contrast, dimension, light, mood, texture and tone, pushing and pulling composition, through color and depth.

Feeling, growing an awareness of material and its impact in the natural and man made architecture supporting its existence.

I seek to emphasise the gesture, the awareness to the choice you make, the sentiments you choose to let guide you, the attitude with which you take action and perceive, and where you place attention.

The marks byproducts signifying the finding and sustaining of balance in emotion, body, mind and spirit.

Skins shedded like shells, serving as aloo agorenei and sumballein for life.

Sediments rooting and signifying the metamorphosis of the soul, documenting realization and growth.

The aesthetic web of associations acting as a metonym.

The act of archiving conscious creating as ‘a question of the future, the question of the future itself, the question of a response, of a promise and of a responsibility for tomorrow.’

Tracing and treading the path through my own mark making.

Gathering ripened fruits fallen to reveal the unreeling patterns of the extension of the Self.

Carolin Rechberg

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