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  • Carolin Rechberg

Let the process guide

I am attracted to spills and stains, marks left by the traces of the experienced environment. in texture, color, light and composition with acrylics, oils, tempera or aquarelle revealing what I see in the aged canvas or paper.

I have exposed to.

My work is cyclical the ground forms the next piece, dancing with gesture, splashing paint evolves prancing with paint, pushing the found shapes with contrast, shape and depth. the image evolves through instinct and what i see on the materials surface, in decay, having been dragged, washed, drained, draped. The work as the art.

They are like plants watered and nourished

Growing peddals in composition structure and shape

Informing through the process my experiences and encounters and the aesthetic my reflection projected through dimension

The pieces speak to life encounter through the moods and dance of emotion one through lives in the creation. and to

Created like music with its theme, color, tone, shape, rhythm and harmony.

Like particles in nature forming to compose a whole

Like environments

Conducted by music and art the character and cultur

In the community

I like to let the process guide me

And discover the piece while creating

Applying the schooled while schooling

The tensions between bright and dark loose and tight

It is about texture contrast

The choice of gesture

Am the weight

The light or the transparency

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