December 15, 2017

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Art, Community Art, Public Art and Street Art

Art as Educator in Communities

Art as a catalyst for Communities

Art as a Mystic

Art as a Healer

April 4, 2017

Don't let the uncertainty pain you

Let it give you flight 

Don't let your home 

So long and evermore 

But not yet home 

Hurt you 

But inspire you 

If meant to be 

You ll come back after what you need to experience is through 

For now while in endless love 

Harden just a bit 

So the joy can prevail 

And the pain you can persist 

Some things must die to be reborn and lived again 

Just deeper and in greater ability and recognition of opportunity 

Be malleable to the life 

You are right now 

Called to live

Don't be sad

But soak up the people and place you have 

Because in your heart 

Certain love exists 

Even if in reality it is not currently allowed to be lived 

June 28, 2016

Remaining humble and grateful for treading whichever way may come. I will keep worshiping what drives and inspires our existences, seeing the beauty in soil, sun, water and wind. 

I know that my journey will lead me and I will see the might of flight but in the ground and the sky equally. To be in peace with the binds and opportunity of gravity, treading amongst the flora and fauna, while frolicking in the breath of gazing at or soaring through appearing and disappearing clouds around me, hugging me, while I sail through the path meant for me.

February 16, 2016

Using art as a way to study and understand material 

As a result one perceives and grasp the structures and systems at work surrounding the individual and the community more transparently.

One sees what is at work and what the gesture impacts. Therefore reflection on choice of action is emphasised and results in a more consciously interweaving network of reactions and results as a whole.

Furthering efficiency, quality of life and products, longevity, sustainability of products, which is opposed to planned obsolescence, profit even if destroying unrenewable resources and polluting remaining renewable and unrenewable, due to capitalistic structures demanding hierarchical dependence. rather then an equilibrium where the values are in the sustaining of nature,health and wealth of resources, shared equally among believes and nations. The seeking of knowledge not the destruction of, the merit holding everyone together. To do good. To choose actions in the moment which are in accordance with the...

April 14, 2015

Presence, I am dealing with my own presence through observing and playing with the chaos and order. The contrast and balance , the depth and the light pushed in interdisciplinary pieces accenting space and as a result harnessing behavioural patters and rhythms informed by the instinct of the senses

Through working in different mediums 

I grow an aesthetic archive and language which embodies information and knowledge on the sensuality, emotion and thought/conscience. 

Through working in different mediums I challenge my language. Like casting different light in a situational perceive anew and discover the thoughts and challenging my abilities.

October 12, 2014

   "Creating art is establishing a padagogy to life. Through exploring material and immaterial resources I stimulate my senses. A resulting sensuousness and awareness of internal and external structures allows me to find greater understanding of the world and perceive the correlation between our culture and the natural and man made environment." CR 

October 9, 2014

Imagine how shattered every soul must feel 

That is still connected to the earth 

To the real

Surreal the torment echoing sound

Dark Angels

The mechanical strain annunciating

Humanities real stain

October 9, 2014

It is about the senses

The process

If lithography allows you to get close to ones own presence through the tactility, the visceral experience of materials. 

In the meditation of repeated motion one registers the equilibrium of sound, texture, smell 

Over time and the tribute to experience the balance in, tenderness and strength, in weight is found

The dance of the body in relationship to an alternating structured environment with handenacted kinetic tools leading to different ranging motions making conscious of internal and external space to realize an open funding circle where the results ends in the magical appearance of an image 

Drawn out of the stone

The energy exchange manifested 

September 29, 2014

It's about breaking from from boundaries and thought limitations in the boldness of expressing oneself by the pure experimentation with color, contrast, tone and line. 

Initially reading the painting as the reflection of oneself and the gesture as the stance we take towards life

Pushing our communication in the aesthetic helping to facilitate greater confidence in demeanor and presence through the sole satisfaction of coming into ones balance of the senses through painting. 

September 18, 2014

I am not going to focus on the things I don't do but instead the things I Do

I will focus on the things which are occurring and not on the ones which aren't 

I will be focused on feeling in all dimensions of the moment rather then feeling all moments in all dimensions

I will be anchored in myself 

And care for others but let only my opinion inform my actions I take to everything else 

August 18, 2014

Adressing Abstract Art Discussion on LinkedIn;

Stephen Carpenter Art History instructor at Columbia College, Hancock Campus Top Contributor

"When looking at others' art works, what do you look for?
We are inundated with visual art. A lot has been said about "audience". We all have our particular biases.
When you take a moment to look at another artist's work, what do you seek out? Do you ever look outside your preferences?"

Carolin Rechberg

"I observe the individual presence of the piece then its title in relation, read as poetry. In the piece or If more work present the coherence or history of growth presented in the gestures aesthetic, the exploration and curiosities discovered throughout the body of work. The recognitions drawn traced by color, contrasts and perspective, the textures and layers used to imply mood or moment. The depth of intellectual, sensual, and emotional experiences innately influencing the genius and origin of creativity highlighting the arts valleys and crests.


August 15, 2014


"How to get over regret
When you chose not to step
Those harsh lessons necessary
When the energy you invest comes back at me
If reluctant to act the shame and numbing pain coming in waves instead
And a lifetime to accept that that moment you had let your mind intercept,

instead of letting your intuition treadonto the next step

Once again having shied away from having given energy
Once again retreated rather then treading into what is born to be

No instead
The mishap
The retreded rather then taken step
The regret
How to get that every moment
Is meant to be, even if at first feeling abadoned in atonement

I retreated to regroup and in order to appear anew without the coats which had me confused

Baren now
Beaten by these moments which one holds hard and regrets
Choosing to be step by step
To accept and get over regret"

August 14, 2014

Inside still Lush

"Are your roots still growing
Are they just dormant and will wake up and revive
Or have you capt them  
Have you chosen to let the trunk mould
Wither away

Nourished by dust and the illusion of rain
feeding of our memories
Of a dream
seen in the seed born from you and me

A cactus
Inside still lush
With the shell and spikes
Protecting the core
holding on in the changing of colors
In the abyss of a wintering desert in drought
Giving birth to hope that we will live and reign
Not die for a rain which will never come again."


June 6, 2014

In nature, weather sitting on my birthday by a little seasonal creek in my backyard under a plum tree,  or climbing over hills and into trees, painting to the earths beat, resonating on the polarities of life. With art and living creating the journey the heart has seen and sees.

My soul is moved by the opportunity to be and to be able to speak, through having come close to loosing my own life and seeing the greatest individuals one encounters depart from us to soon. 


just breathing in the pure gratitude for being given existence. Thinking of the ephemerality and yet the permanence of life. The moments lived and the awe at the moments to be lived. All of them are informed by the essence of the shared we carry and with which we continue to inform.

Honoring and honored by you Denali,  by you Jonathan, by you Nigel, three souls, three friends, three mentors which have left. I am in wonderment of the crests and valleys, the joy and the despair we are tossed into, torn open to learn to...

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