July 1, 2016

Heartache after heartache

Washing over me

The recurring ones 

deepening the ones new to me

While my heart longs to be free

Of living with regret or pain in me

It is those lessons which seed the depth to see

But yet every day a struggle to let go of what is and isn't meant to be 

To just breathe 

and live in peace 

Allowing being in ease

In equilibrium with the waves caressing me 

Not there to torment me

Loves formed

Teasing me 

with the time I spend waiting for the

While the gift given tossed away 

Even when seen

why held at bay?

Man and woman scared everyday

Conditioned even more to run 

rather then towards, away

People like bedsheets 

Exchanged in a twisted game 

One more used then the other

Replaced by ones safe and not a threat to bother

the Rythm one is stagnated and shielded in 

The fortress build to protect the soul rather then a vessel to hold.

To form a stream, a lake, an ocean, the sky and the Earth, open to receive

what could make life worthwhile to conceive 

But instead the bedsheets given in life's dow...

June 21, 2016

If a man tells you...

To wait for him 

And you find yourself waiting year in and out

While you run into him with other woman and yet him giving you the blame 

Calming you that he still wants you while he's dating again

Maybe it is time to doubt

Or maybe it is time to leave and not feel like the fool he is 

If a man contacts you ...

To be his friend 

But you find out that he has a wife or female friend 

Better to not even endeavour into the pleasure of a good conversation 

Since after you receive the blame and damnation for giving fruit to temptation 

You are the one shunned trying to find footing again 

If a man tells you 

To keep in touch

After his touch has caressed and plunged into every craves and cave of your body 

Don't feel surprised of the ridicule 

If you find out that in truth ever after having you

He wants nothing to do with you 

And every gesture, giving, thought, will be too much 

And brand you as the unwanted from the wanted 

Since you behaved as such

No don't be surprised 

That what a man 


June 14, 2016

I will never understand 

That if you see me as a friend

Why you alienated me

Why you blamed me for betraying you while you where seemingly endlessly wandering

Why you told me to wait for you

When in the end you showed you wanted nothing to do with me

Excluded me

From your life

Your friends

Your family

even from art and music we could have created 

Shut yourself to having fun 

From the promise of what had begun. 

Simply from everything for which you cared

I will never understand how you could pretend to be such a victim of me 

When you where living the hipocracy

Toying with me

Seeding hope

While refusing and ridiculing me

Yes you made me leave my happy home

Cause I could not live in a city

Where such actions seem to persist more then living truthfully 

Nauseous from having to be cautious

Weary of being feared and steered into the abyss of disconnection

Because of a lack of introspection What over long term can be seeded by such action ?

I will never understand how one can love and yet offend 

Treat one as if the...

June 14, 2016

Lifelong friends

Which never share

Never dare

Too caught up in the resistance 

Persistent in the fear 

Of (sedated or) closed tormented hearts 

Trying to be smart 

rather then let love rule the heart 

The mind outweighing of what the senses would feel like saying 

allowed to control 

What to show

What to give

make known 


that when magic happens it gets quickly again dissipated

Till the detection of the once shared wavelength becomes unreal

Hard to feel

Tormented hearts

Even those peaceful at heart

Choosing or allowing the direction 

Every gesture and breath showing the choice of 

Where one places ones affection 

Every one their right to be

But yet it is sad to see

How seeds of love are killed in mediocracy

Just trying to be in this world 

Where it seems a rarity for a soul to be really free

To speak 

Give and seek the actions which tell

If one really means well

Too caught up in the cycle 

Numbed rather then able to encipher 

The fortune lying at ones feet

Instead stepping over or on

Still on the seek


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