October 9, 2014

It is about the senses

The process

If lithography allows you to get close to ones own presence through the tactility, the visceral experience of materials. 

In the meditation of repeated motion one registers the equilibrium of sound, texture, smell 

Over time and the tribute to experience the balance in, tenderness and strength, in weight is found

The dance of the body in relationship to an alternating structured environment with handenacted kinetic tools leading to different ranging motions making conscious of internal and external space to realize an open funding circle where the results ends in the magical appearance of an image 

Drawn out of the stone

The energy exchange manifested 

October 2, 2014

I connect with my roots through printmaking lithography stones are the stones made of rocks where I grew up resting my cheeks 

Covering cradling the streams 

It is like love making 

Like cradling a surface a body an essence in its weight

Sweating during the process of graining getting closer to the depth working down and up to the softness of a surface calling to be tasted by textures of dry and wet hues and shapes

Landscapes, environmens and presences calling to be discovered in the visualization of what one perceives in the purity of a material

It is magical


Labour some

Energy absorbing 

And mystical in the creation of something beautiful

Where the essence can be felt of the process the endurance the sensations and possible moments undergone in in the experience of creating the image wanting to be shared 

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