April 4, 2017

Don't let the uncertainty pain you

Let it give you flight 

Don't let your home 

So long and evermore 

But not yet home 

Hurt you 

But inspire you 

If meant to be 

You ll come back after what you need to experience is through 

For now while in endless love 

Harden just a bit 

So the joy can prevail 

And the pain you can persist 

Some things must die to be reborn and lived again 

Just deeper and in greater ability and recognition of opportunity 

Be malleable to the life 

You are right now 

Called to live

Don't be sad

But soak up the people and place you have 

Because in your heart 

Certain love exists 

Even if in reality it is not currently allowed to be lived 

June 9, 2014

I am scared

I am scared

To be human

I am scared

I am scared

To be

Often times I find the answers

Often times they are more painful then wished to be

But surrender 

Is the only answer

I open my heart

And let go of rejections of  the answer

Let go of my fear

And choose to really be here(be real)

I am scared 

I am scared to be human

I am scared I am scared

To feel 

Even though I say too be real

I am scared...

June 6, 2014

In nature, weather sitting on my birthday by a little seasonal creek in my backyard under a plum tree,  or climbing over hills and into trees, painting to the earths beat, resonating on the polarities of life. With art and living creating the journey the heart has seen and sees.

My soul is moved by the opportunity to be and to be able to speak, through having come close to loosing my own life and seeing the greatest individuals one encounters depart from us to soon. 


just breathing in the pure gratitude for being given existence. Thinking of the ephemerality and yet the permanence of life. The moments lived and the awe at the moments to be lived. All of them are informed by the essence of the shared we carry and with which we continue to inform.

Honoring and honored by you Denali,  by you Jonathan, by you Nigel, three souls, three friends, three mentors which have left. I am in wonderment of the crests and valleys, the joy and the despair we are tossed into, torn open to learn to...

May 4, 2014

Here is where I live

Here the garden of Eden which is so willing to give 

Swinging in the sun kissed evening breeze

As shadows seize the calm to be free

The rustling of leaves

Creeping of dancing branches

Alluding with the chirps and the humm of the bees

How to be 

Swinging from a sling from the tree now a tool to play and not what it had been brutalized to be

Now we can see

Now we can breathe 

We always could but forget to feel

Forget to be real and deal 

With rather then steal life from the ones that know what life really has to show

November 13, 2013

I was ones caught in a storm which tore my heart

Which was already worn 

Shivering stickiness

Of hardships experienced in loneliness

Yes reflected in the journeys of each others souls 

But yet alone forlorn 

Rifting in the destined drift 

Carrying us and being made to carry by us. The fruitful turned into the foul if fought in the current of how life evolves 

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