December 15, 2017

Musings on;

Art, Community Art, Public Art and Street Art

Art as Educator in Communities

Art as a catalyst for Communities

Art as a Mystic

Art as a Healer

July 12, 2016

I have been fortunate to grow up with conscience about and practicing meditation. 

Throughout my short life, yet rich in experience I have learned and am still working on using presence itself as the meditation, always the breath the entry point.

Of course certain activities such as art, music, and yoga, especially being in nature, facilitate more ease to sink into and atune to being.

But yes even when I am roaming in and accomplishing the demands of life I use breath to be in greater equilibrium and compassion to the experiencing of life.

If we would all implement meditating into our lives our abilities and capabilities would create such potential in living more peaceful with the nature and people around us.


#SimplicityOfAction which can transform the world one person at a time

July 8, 2016

Pain and sorrow, nausea robbing me of all the words needing to be spoken...

I do believe that 

With every action of how one lives 

We can change how the world exists.

But we need to eradicate the conditioning implemented systematically in cultures brainwashing for such cruelty to exist. Mentalities continuing to seed rather then heal the rift, purposely kept alive and created through history. 

Authoritarian systems polluting culture, the way of being people with people, all equal, although not allowed to be, century after century. 

Hierarchies of society, fear shaped realities kept in place by fake facts, power and politics, by economy.

As people, as friends, neighbours,  sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers. 

We can change the spiel. 

Every one of us in their own lives, own way, take action, don't just speak, live accordingly, and don't seed new racism in the name of equality. 

Don't turn against those souls standing next to you, fighting for the same truth. 

That won't help create the li...

August 18, 2014

Adressing Abstract Art Discussion on LinkedIn;

Stephen Carpenter Art History instructor at Columbia College, Hancock Campus Top Contributor

"When looking at others' art works, what do you look for?
We are inundated with visual art. A lot has been said about "audience". We all have our particular biases.
When you take a moment to look at another artist's work, what do you seek out? Do you ever look outside your preferences?"

Carolin Rechberg

"I observe the individual presence of the piece then its title in relation, read as poetry. In the piece or If more work present the coherence or history of growth presented in the gestures aesthetic, the exploration and curiosities discovered throughout the body of work. The recognitions drawn traced by color, contrasts and perspective, the textures and layers used to imply mood or moment. The depth of intellectual, sensual, and emotional experiences innately influencing the genius and origin of creativity highlighting the arts valleys and crests.


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