December 15, 2017

Musings on;

Art, Community Art, Public Art and Street Art

Art as Educator in Communities

Art as a catalyst for Communities

Art as a Mystic

Art as a Healer

November 5, 2017

To paint 

is like a ritual for me.

It is the laying bare of myself.

Standing in or opposed to a surface, a space, a ground, on which to communicate and extend my being onto.

My gesture, my mark, my emotion, my thought.

It is the soft caress or sometimes over eager

gushing of emotions, tearing out from inside of myself.

In the discourse of presence, happening right in-front of myself.

The discourse of me represented through colours, form structure, composition, and what unfolds for me to see. 

Painting, like the moment of life.

Surrenderance to the structure, the surface, sometimes already having marks on it, coming in, to treasure what inspires me, what I still want to discover to find or what I want people to find inspiration in. 

But in the end it is not about the other, it is just about you, about me, and that moment of being free.

Of allowing nothing else, but but mixing and choosing colours, tracing form and textures intuitionally. 

Nothing purer, this being my kind of meditation. 

Like life it...

May 24, 2017

Es geht um das Gedankengut was durch Kunst und Musik stimuliert wird 

Die Fähigkeiten des Geistes werden beflügelt durch die Entwicklung des Verstandes anhand von Sinnes Wahrnehmung 

Verständnis für die Substanzen und Materien um uns in- und materiel welche das sich immer verändert und weiter went. 

Eine nicht Sterbende Wesenheit die sich formt aus der Natur und unserer Kulturen welche unberechenbar sich entfaltet dadurch das die Zügel der Korruption in der Hand des Zerstörers anstatt des Heilers des Schamanen Mutter Erde’s Untertanen, liegen.

Nein anstatt  faszinierend zu beobachten der Tanz der Unterdrückung

So viel Schmerz und Qual

Und wozu, es sonst, doch nur ein wiederholendes Muster ist

In welchem wir uns verheddern um Frau zu lernen und Fäden anders zu weben. 

Im Bewusstsein und dem respect 

Wie ein Heiliger Schwur

Das jede Tat

Jeder Atemzug 

Stehst dem wohl unser Mutter Erde zusagt

Somit ist Kunst und Musik

Musik und Kunst unsere Culture

Den sie atmet die Erfahrungen aus die und sensibilisier...

October 12, 2016

my whole body is the tool

the use of space on a surface, in a space

equates to the importance of using oneself in space.

realising fundamentals such as composition, perspective, texture will give one the sensibility to apply that knowledge to areas of life and living 

teaching the art of creation teaches the art of presence

an interdisciplinary approach and use of material to express ideas, sentiments or to process experience, is important and symbiotic to the interdisciplinary structure of life

i believe that the individual and community is the artwork constructed out of the process

like an artwork the human being undergoes process of creation and destruction to become a rendered piece or living artwork

i love to explore with material from different sectors of our infrastructure, inventing new forms to realise presence giving me the experiences my senses are after

i like to reapropriate matter for the experience

weather it be from construction, food, 

key for me is the experience


i believe...

September 24, 2016

Yesterday was a beautiful Day

I had a little Street Exhibition to Document my work in a less frequented area in Salisbury, MD for a Book Publication. 

Here is a clearer capture of my most recent Paintings 'Emergence, Genesis, Witness and Origin' Mixed media on Canvas created at the Lucid Art Foundation.

August 12, 2016


Left and right

Black and white 

Ying and yang 

Left hand right hand

Composition communicated through both hands in dialogue with each other 

Structures of right and left like the two hands on a piano 

As if conducting the visual space like the sounds from a symphony 

The orchestration of a journey over time captured on the same surface moving in time through layers in the same moment but not traveling across moments besides in capture of videography or passing of time 

Until the equilibrium or peace 

Beginning to end of the piece is reached 

Expressing with both halts 

Of body, mind, heart and soul 

During mark 

Sound is excerpted

Assure and heighten presence through stimulated awareness of the senses  

The canvas on the ground catching the history, the oath of its creation in a parallel language to the painting and performance. Eventually turning into a painting itself through observation accenting, emphasising and cradling its dimensions. 

February 16, 2016

Using art as a way to study and understand material 

As a result one perceives and grasp the structures and systems at work surrounding the individual and the community more transparently.

One sees what is at work and what the gesture impacts. Therefore reflection on choice of action is emphasised and results in a more consciously interweaving network of reactions and results as a whole.

Furthering efficiency, quality of life and products, longevity, sustainability of products, which is opposed to planned obsolescence, profit even if destroying unrenewable resources and polluting remaining renewable and unrenewable, due to capitalistic structures demanding hierarchical dependence. rather then an equilibrium where the values are in the sustaining of nature,health and wealth of resources, shared equally among believes and nations. The seeking of knowledge not the destruction of, the merit holding everyone together. To do good. To choose actions in the moment which are in accordance with the...

May 7, 2015

Installation, Performance

dimensions site-specific

cane, canvas, chain, cotton, cement, drywall-patch, mesh, plaster, pvc piping, silk, sinew, sound,  house and acrylic paint

With interdisciplinary mediums I accent space to create a greater appreciation of it. 

The process is the exploration of concepts of composition, color, line, shape, scale, surface and textures, in different mediums to explore an aesthetic in which the spectator becomes participant. The discovery of materiality provokes exploration and trust in the treasures and experience found in the process and life.

The installation is composed of found and new resources of art and infrastructure.

The material is suspended for the viewer to navigate through and to have an immersive and dynamic experience, triggering somatic and haptic sensibilities, through the interaction with matter, light, space and time. It creates a dimensional environment which addresses ephemerality and sustainability through the medium , the site-specific na...

October 12, 2014

   "Creating art is establishing a padagogy to life. Through exploring material and immaterial resources I stimulate my senses. A resulting sensuousness and awareness of internal and external structures allows me to find greater understanding of the world and perceive the correlation between our culture and the natural and man made environment." CR 

October 9, 2014

It is about the senses

The process

If lithography allows you to get close to ones own presence through the tactility, the visceral experience of materials. 

In the meditation of repeated motion one registers the equilibrium of sound, texture, smell 

Over time and the tribute to experience the balance in, tenderness and strength, in weight is found

The dance of the body in relationship to an alternating structured environment with handenacted kinetic tools leading to different ranging motions making conscious of internal and external space to realize an open funding circle where the results ends in the magical appearance of an image 

Drawn out of the stone

The energy exchange manifested 

October 2, 2014

I connect with my roots through printmaking lithography stones are the stones made of rocks where I grew up resting my cheeks 

Covering cradling the streams 

It is like love making 

Like cradling a surface a body an essence in its weight

Sweating during the process of graining getting closer to the depth working down and up to the softness of a surface calling to be tasted by textures of dry and wet hues and shapes

Landscapes, environmens and presences calling to be discovered in the visualization of what one perceives in the purity of a material

It is magical


Labour some

Energy absorbing 

And mystical in the creation of something beautiful

Where the essence can be felt of the process the endurance the sensations and possible moments undergone in in the experience of creating the image wanting to be shared 

August 12, 2014

I am attracted to spills and stains, marks left by the traces of the experienced environment. in texture, color, light and composition with acrylics, oils, tempera or aquarelle revealing what I see in the aged canvas or paper.

I have exposed to. 

My work is cyclical the ground forms the next piece, dancing with gesture, splashing paint evolves prancing with paint, pushing the found shapes with contrast, shape and depth. the image evolves through instinct and what i see on the materials surface, in decay, having been dragged, washed, drained, draped. The work as the art.

They are like plants watered and nourished 

Growing peddals in composition structure and shape

Informing through the process my experiences and encounters and the aesthetic my reflection projected through dimension 

The pieces speak to life encounter through the moods and dance of emotion one through lives in the creation. and to 

Created like music with its theme, color, tone, shape, rhythm and harmony. 

Like particles in...

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