• Carolin Rechberg

The colours are different here

Is it the stretch of thousands of miles and climates casting

The hues

more radiant

More vibrant

The purples reds oranges glowing in the golden sun

Containing every shade of yellow to enlighten the green and blue scape

Reflecting in the clouds and expansive arching sky

What is it about this land

I know

What it is

A treasure

A gift

A call

Which makes me frolic in the existence I exist

A mother father sister and brother of this land

Reaching out with my hand

Toward the caress of this soil and water and wind

The flora and fauna my kin

The colours of the settings sun

As satisfying to my heart

As the idea of being in Africa

My spirit inspired

This is

my home

I am the sun and moon

I return to rise and set

Like the tide and ebb

  • Carolin Rechberg

The eyes the gates to the soul.

My soul like the ocean.

The moods and currents guided by the sun and wind,

circulating free, embraced and elevated by life's gravities.

The symmetry of being,

The ebb and flow, the ying and yang, the black, white and colour.

I am, the duality of me.

  • Carolin Rechberg

I am having a wonderful experience in Peru

The people in cusco have been more then moving and now in Machu Picchu the kindness moves me to tears

Everything from the traditional locals to foreigners have been embracing and welcoming in every way

Even my hospital stay was more pleasant then all medical experiences in Europe and even more comfortable then some hotels I have stayed in.

The generosity and care

The wish to help and know

To show the treasures lying openly hidden waiting to be discovered

I am grateful

Just purely grateful

I met new people and new places I utterly love

I am thankful to be discovering a culture which treasures nature like I do with every thought

Never daring to compare but just honoured to tread where a culture once stepped which knew how to fruit from rather then intersect or resist the magic of existence

The ancient sediments, plants and knowledge my being feels and sees

Informing me and the quality of life I hope one day can again be

In some areas of this earth individuals in their community seem more happy then so many segregated in modernity

It is hard to forget what has already been lived but maybe we can instead use our superfluous creations to be constructive for and not paint the doom of all nations.

I hope

I believe

Appealing to myself to live what I want to reap

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