• Carolin Rechberg

See it with detachment

Once again as a tourist to everyday of life

Experiencing everything

As rare and fresh

Since never knowing what days I will live again

See it all in relativity

Perspective of an eagle in the air

Lion in the Prärie

And dolphin in the sea

Surrendering in the path always unveiling


A treasure shaping itself freely to the things I attract and seed

Don't allow your heart to be heavy

There is no reason for it to be

All is just a journey of learning

Soaking up like a sponge the information I perceive

To pour it into life as soon as the knowledge prespirates from the experience and conceived

  • Carolin Rechberg

My aesthetic an accent to the language in languages

That we speak

The visual longing to be as engaging

And sensually stimulating as the landscape that we meet

  • Carolin Rechberg

Don't let the uncertainty pain you

Let it give you flight

Don't let your home

So long and evermore

But not yet home

Hurt you

But inspire you

If meant to be

You ll come back after what you need to experience is through

For now while in endless love

Harden just a bit

So the joy can prevail

And the pain you can persist

Some things must die to be reborn and lived again

Just deeper and in greater ability and recognition of opportunity

Be malleable to the life

You are right now

Called to live

Don't be sad

But soak up the people and place you have

Because in your heart

Certain love exists

Even if in reality it is not currently allowed to be lived

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