December 15, 2017

Musings on;

Art, Community Art, Public Art and Street Art

Art as Educator in Communities

Art as a catalyst for Communities

Art as a Mystic

Art as a Healer

May 24, 2017

Es geht um das Gedankengut was durch Kunst und Musik stimuliert wird 

Die Fähigkeiten des Geistes werden beflügelt durch die Entwicklung des Verstandes anhand von Sinnes Wahrnehmung 

Verständnis für die Substanzen und Materien um uns in- und materiel welche das sich immer verändert und weiter went. 

Eine nicht Sterbende Wesenheit die sich formt aus der Natur und unserer Kulturen welche unberechenbar sich entfaltet dadurch das die Zügel der Korruption in der Hand des Zerstörers anstatt des Heilers des Schamanen Mutter Erde’s Untertanen, liegen.

Nein anstatt  faszinierend zu beobachten der Tanz der Unterdrückung

So viel Schmerz und Qual

Und wozu, es sonst, doch nur ein wiederholendes Muster ist

In welchem wir uns verheddern um Frau zu lernen und Fäden anders zu weben. 

Im Bewusstsein und dem respect 

Wie ein Heiliger Schwur

Das jede Tat

Jeder Atemzug 

Stehst dem wohl unser Mutter Erde zusagt

Somit ist Kunst und Musik

Musik und Kunst unsere Culture

Den sie atmet die Erfahrungen aus die und sensibilisier...

April 7, 2017

it is as if I am suspended in silence the serenity cradling me and it's the torrent carrying me and its currents like the kiss of the first rays of the sun on the drops of dew gathering on the tips and surfaces of Nature's Beauty that moment it is it is it is as if I am suspended in silence Serenity prattling me and it's the tour and Karen me and it's Clarence like the kiss of the first rays of the Sun on the drops of dew gathering on the tips and surfaces of Nature's Beauty it is as if I'm suspended in silence the serenity rattling me image that orange caring me and its currents like to kiss of the first rays of the Sun on the drops of Dew

 it is as if I'm suspended in silence 

the serenity craddling me amidst a torrent carrying me in its current

like the kiss of the first rays of the Sun 

like the drops of dew Gathering on the tips and surfaces of Nature's Beauty 

that moment of breath, what timelessness seems to hold before a new day 

a new adventure unfolds

 the steps which will lead...

April 4, 2017

I can't help but feel sad

For a home a seed 

A place I had but lost instead 

Nostalgia before even having Yet arrived 

While at the same time in the knowledge 

That right now a different landscape should reveal and prosper infront 

Of my eyes  

To be able to excavate space for my soul

If this life here is meant to again be embraced and not withhold 

The valleys will open and caress me in their folds 

Give me the soil

To grow permanently 

But right now travelling 

Transient to collect the nutrients for the future I want to shape for me 

Needing to detach 

To give new room to breathe 


Allow to be 

Don't weep for what isn't but for what is yours to keep 


So many people here to see 

So many and yet in this short amount of time 

Only a few time to see

With landscapes which always 

Forever inspire me 

April 4, 2017

See it with detachment 

Once again as a tourist to everyday of life 

Experiencing everything 

As rare and fresh 

Since never knowing what days I will live again 

See it all in relativity 

Perspective of an eagle in the air 

Lion in the Prärie

And dolphin in the sea  

Surrendering in the path always unveiling 


A treasure shaping itself freely to the things I attract and seed 

Don't allow your heart to be heavy 

There is no reason for it to be 

All is just a journey of learning 

Soaking up like a sponge the information I perceive 

To pour it into life as soon as the knowledge prespirates from the experience and conceived  

April 4, 2017

My aesthetic an accent to the language in languages 

That we speak 

The visual longing to be as engaging 

And sensually stimulating as the landscape that we meet

April 4, 2017

Don't let the uncertainty pain you

Let it give you flight 

Don't let your home 

So long and evermore 

But not yet home 

Hurt you 

But inspire you 

If meant to be 

You ll come back after what you need to experience is through 

For now while in endless love 

Harden just a bit 

So the joy can prevail 

And the pain you can persist 

Some things must die to be reborn and lived again 

Just deeper and in greater ability and recognition of opportunity 

Be malleable to the life 

You are right now 

Called to live

Don't be sad

But soak up the people and place you have 

Because in your heart 

Certain love exists 

Even if in reality it is not currently allowed to be lived 

March 22, 2017

The eyes the gates to the soul.

My soul like the ocean.

The moods and currents guided by the sun and wind,

circulating free, embraced and elevated by life's gravities.

The symmetry of being,

The ebb and flow, the ying and yang, the black, white and colour.

I am, the duality of me. 

June 28, 2016

Remaining humble and grateful for treading whichever way may come. I will keep worshiping what drives and inspires our existences, seeing the beauty in soil, sun, water and wind. 

I know that my journey will lead me and I will see the might of flight but in the ground and the sky equally. To be in peace with the binds and opportunity of gravity, treading amongst the flora and fauna, while frolicking in the breath of gazing at or soaring through appearing and disappearing clouds around me, hugging me, while I sail through the path meant for me.

February 16, 2016

Using art as a way to study and understand material 

As a result one perceives and grasp the structures and systems at work surrounding the individual and the community more transparently.

One sees what is at work and what the gesture impacts. Therefore reflection on choice of action is emphasised and results in a more consciously interweaving network of reactions and results as a whole.

Furthering efficiency, quality of life and products, longevity, sustainability of products, which is opposed to planned obsolescence, profit even if destroying unrenewable resources and polluting remaining renewable and unrenewable, due to capitalistic structures demanding hierarchical dependence. rather then an equilibrium where the values are in the sustaining of nature,health and wealth of resources, shared equally among believes and nations. The seeking of knowledge not the destruction of, the merit holding everyone together. To do good. To choose actions in the moment which are in accordance with the...

April 14, 2015

Presence, I am dealing with my own presence through observing and playing with the chaos and order. The contrast and balance , the depth and the light pushed in interdisciplinary pieces accenting space and as a result harnessing behavioural patters and rhythms informed by the instinct of the senses

Through working in different mediums 

I grow an aesthetic archive and language which embodies information and knowledge on the sensuality, emotion and thought/conscience. 

Through working in different mediums I challenge my language. Like casting different light in a situational perceive anew and discover the thoughts and challenging my abilities.

April 1, 2015

In all mediums I discover that it is for me about the approach

The state that I am in

Every time I call myself to root to breath to let feeling guide my creativity

Analysing, divesting, provoking Thinking, through the exposure of experience to my senses 

Therefore the projects and works which not only challenge my hand  but my body, my mind, 

Word by word falling in consciousness while creating with an awareness of being and seeing (the productivity we could live and be free in)

I have always created to music and soundscapes and realise that I like address my art in terms of tone colour, rhythm, contrast, textures and harmony. 

My pieces are different melodies by the same composer

Reiterating growing evolving themes 

Currents of introspection running through my life 

January 19, 2015

The moment, feeling with all the senses, fascinates me. I am entrenched in the emotions of the existence of living and create with the same intensity. Out of the moment, conscious of the natural and historical frameworks surrecting the possibility for my existence and gesture.  Therefore the process of making art is driven by a curiosity for the immaterial and material substances inherent and surrounding us. Initially (observing) energy in its different manifestations/ The reactions it triggers) in irrational and rational form. There is an urge to get closer, observing the layers of impact which creation has. Studying how humans react to different dimensions of materials, mediums and subject matter. on a seek to learn and understand the psychology of the human and our culture. The axioms of actions creating sustenance and harmony or destruction and imbalance. Through the process of art, digesting and describing a pedagogy for living in the lasting moment. 

October 2, 2014

I connect with my roots through printmaking lithography stones are the stones made of rocks where I grew up resting my cheeks 

Covering cradling the streams 

It is like love making 

Like cradling a surface a body an essence in its weight

Sweating during the process of graining getting closer to the depth working down and up to the softness of a surface calling to be tasted by textures of dry and wet hues and shapes

Landscapes, environmens and presences calling to be discovered in the visualization of what one perceives in the purity of a material

It is magical


Labour some

Energy absorbing 

And mystical in the creation of something beautiful

Where the essence can be felt of the process the endurance the sensations and possible moments undergone in in the experience of creating the image wanting to be shared 

September 29, 2014

It's about breaking from from boundaries and thought limitations in the boldness of expressing oneself by the pure experimentation with color, contrast, tone and line. 

Initially reading the painting as the reflection of oneself and the gesture as the stance we take towards life

Pushing our communication in the aesthetic helping to facilitate greater confidence in demeanor and presence through the sole satisfaction of coming into ones balance of the senses through painting. 

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