September 24, 2016

Yesterday was a beautiful Day

I had a little Street Exhibition to Document my work in a less frequented area in Salisbury, MD for a Book Publication. 

Here is a clearer capture of my most recent Paintings 'Emergence, Genesis, Witness and Origin' Mixed media on Canvas created at the Lucid Art Foundation.

May 7, 2015

Installation, Performance

dimensions site-specific

cane, canvas, chain, cotton, cement, drywall-patch, mesh, plaster, pvc piping, silk, sinew, sound,  house and acrylic paint

With interdisciplinary mediums I accent space to create a greater appreciation of it. 

The process is the exploration of concepts of composition, color, line, shape, scale, surface and textures, in different mediums to explore an aesthetic in which the spectator becomes participant. The discovery of materiality provokes exploration and trust in the treasures and experience found in the process and life.

The installation is composed of found and new resources of art and infrastructure.

The material is suspended for the viewer to navigate through and to have an immersive and dynamic experience, triggering somatic and haptic sensibilities, through the interaction with matter, light, space and time. It creates a dimensional environment which addresses ephemerality and sustainability through the medium , the site-specific na...

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