December 15, 2017

Musings on;

Art, Community Art, Public Art and Street Art

Art as Educator in Communities

Art as a catalyst for Communities

Art as a Mystic

Art as a Healer

October 12, 2016

my whole body is the tool

the use of space on a surface, in a space

equates to the importance of using oneself in space.

realising fundamentals such as composition, perspective, texture will give one the sensibility to apply that knowledge to areas of life and living 

teaching the art of creation teaches the art of presence

an interdisciplinary approach and use of material to express ideas, sentiments or to process experience, is important and symbiotic to the interdisciplinary structure of life

i believe that the individual and community is the artwork constructed out of the process

like an artwork the human being undergoes process of creation and destruction to become a rendered piece or living artwork

i love to explore with material from different sectors of our infrastructure, inventing new forms to realise presence giving me the experiences my senses are after

i like to reapropriate matter for the experience

weather it be from construction, food, 

key for me is the experience


i believe...

October 11, 2016

The attitude of creating is like the attitude you have toward life

I believe that through expressing digesting and exemplifying oneself through art

One not only discovers material and visuals in process but also ones own interaction throughought the process

From the whole array of emotions to thoughts and reflections and physicality involved in creation, it encourages the acquainting and understanding with oneself. Relation is found to the macro image of oneself in life. 

October 10, 2016

the importance of exposing the individual to the senses through artistic exploration, to give room for understanding the self, material process, therefore the workings of the natural and human made systems and infrastructures around us.

with creative process realising the potential of the individual, the local and global community, through realising how it has shaped our existence from the first cave drawings to contemporary, art, design, economy, culture, music and politics.

February 16, 2016

Using art as a way to study and understand material 

As a result one perceives and grasp the structures and systems at work surrounding the individual and the community more transparently.

One sees what is at work and what the gesture impacts. Therefore reflection on choice of action is emphasised and results in a more consciously interweaving network of reactions and results as a whole.

Furthering efficiency, quality of life and products, longevity, sustainability of products, which is opposed to planned obsolescence, profit even if destroying unrenewable resources and polluting remaining renewable and unrenewable, due to capitalistic structures demanding hierarchical dependence. rather then an equilibrium where the values are in the sustaining of nature,health and wealth of resources, shared equally among believes and nations. The seeking of knowledge not the destruction of, the merit holding everyone together. To do good. To choose actions in the moment which are in accordance with the...

February 5, 2016

With the intended gesture and mark in art making I want to advocate that the same attention be given to decisions and actions made in daily life.

Through the placement of marks, the layers, the colour line and tone created, is like your canvas, where the atmosphere, the place, the people, most important the nature and infrastructure, the palette which you choose and interact with around you. 

April 2, 2015

It is all about the presentation

The space in between 

How the works and the environment 

Breathe, interweave to informed states of experience

Where you annunciate the geography through placing your work in a mannerism to accent each other and set balance yet tension between the parts assembling the presence.

January 19, 2015

The moment, feeling with all the senses, fascinates me. I am entrenched in the emotions of the existence of living and create with the same intensity. Out of the moment, conscious of the natural and historical frameworks surrecting the possibility for my existence and gesture.  Therefore the process of making art is driven by a curiosity for the immaterial and material substances inherent and surrounding us. Initially (observing) energy in its different manifestations/ The reactions it triggers) in irrational and rational form. There is an urge to get closer, observing the layers of impact which creation has. Studying how humans react to different dimensions of materials, mediums and subject matter. on a seek to learn and understand the psychology of the human and our culture. The axioms of actions creating sustenance and harmony or destruction and imbalance. Through the process of art, digesting and describing a pedagogy for living in the lasting moment. 

October 12, 2014

   "Creating art is establishing a padagogy to life. Through exploring material and immaterial resources I stimulate my senses. A resulting sensuousness and awareness of internal and external structures allows me to find greater understanding of the world and perceive the correlation between our culture and the natural and man made environment." CR 

September 29, 2014

It's about breaking from from boundaries and thought limitations in the boldness of expressing oneself by the pure experimentation with color, contrast, tone and line. 

Initially reading the painting as the reflection of oneself and the gesture as the stance we take towards life

Pushing our communication in the aesthetic helping to facilitate greater confidence in demeanor and presence through the sole satisfaction of coming into ones balance of the senses through painting. 

August 18, 2014

Adressing Abstract Art Discussion on LinkedIn;

Stephen Carpenter Art History instructor at Columbia College, Hancock Campus Top Contributor

"When looking at others' art works, what do you look for?
We are inundated with visual art. A lot has been said about "audience". We all have our particular biases.
When you take a moment to look at another artist's work, what do you seek out? Do you ever look outside your preferences?"

Carolin Rechberg

"I observe the individual presence of the piece then its title in relation, read as poetry. In the piece or If more work present the coherence or history of growth presented in the gestures aesthetic, the exploration and curiosities discovered throughout the body of work. The recognitions drawn traced by color, contrasts and perspective, the textures and layers used to imply mood or moment. The depth of intellectual, sensual, and emotional experiences innately influencing the genius and origin of creativity highlighting the arts valleys and crests.


February 14, 2014

The greatest importance the purpose found in the embrace of self through attaining ability of overseeing the senses with which one is feeling 

The owning of ones given existence to create an ephemeral essence radiating the ability of natures natural bounty 

But utilizing the understanding of the axioms composing the mysticism of sustaining enveloping nautilus cycles in infinital dimension 

The most important, the use of the gift for the self reflection in embodiment not entrapment in the spectrum of conscience and critical thought 

Therefore in the enactment of fruitful actualization rather then in damnation through determination to escape in exploitation through lack of exploration in avocation 

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