Art and Design Inc.

  • produce unique and original artwork, focusing on the beautiful and decorative.

  • sell a visually appealing aesthetic/artistic style which accents or contributes to the exterior or interior environment of our clients.

  • offer accessible art education. 

  • create artwork contributing to the décor at events, performances or in venues offering arts.

  • sell artwork, art objects, and services directly at art fairs, art expos, in galleries and through 3rd party commerce. 

  • to make artwork and art objects attainable through providing a large array of products ranging equally much in price

  • offer possibility between the original, exclusively unique, multiple or mass producible.

  • approach customers of all ages, identities and gender. 

  • celebrate the origin of all creation in nature, and its shared principles, properties, patterns, systems and structures found in byproducts of human existence/culture.